Friday, June 24, 2011

Mannequin Hunt

I have been looking for a mannequin for my thirteen-year-old, Isabel. She has been scouring magazines, looking at ideas for her room (a work in progress), and we discussed a few. One of the items she thought would be fun was a mannequin. The functionality of such a piece is obvious. With that in mind, we decided that I would look for one that was also decorative and that would suit the decor of her room as well as be age-appropriate now and one she could keep for a very long time.

I soon discovered there are some fabulous choices available. This first picture is what started it all...
Dress Form, Black Dottie
                        Pottery Barn Teen, one of my kids' favorite "picture books."

I love the look of this one with the interesting base.
via Pinterest from Amazon (UK)

I also came across this antique metal figure.

While on Pinterest, I discovered Corset Laced Mannequin, a shop on Etsy. Take a look at Lucy's jaw-dropping creations..
NEW Quirky Fun Crochet Mannequin Dressform - Yarn
Crochet Mannequin

A stunning Union Jack figure, and take a look at the vintage-styled lace in the back!
Vintage Style Corset Laced Mannequin UNION JACK Dressform

Yet another beautiful piece. I love the turquoise print fabric.
Vibrant Turquoise Damask Display Mannequin Dressform - Sophie

This dress form has been tailored using recycled burlap coffee sacks. Found here.
OOAK Coffee Sack Recycled Display Mannequin Dressform

 Photographic Tailored Vintage Mannequin Dress Bust Form - Snap

Stunning retro fabric. This item found here
Retro Orange Chrome Mannequin Dressform Display Form - Orla

One can find more of Lucy's amazing work on as well.

By chance, while searching for another item on ebay I came across a mannequin that fit our budget and that Isabel loved, so we ordered it. It arrived a few days ago and the both of us set to work putting it together immediately (no tools necessary).

Although the pieces had screws to hold them together I decided to use the black ties which came with the packaging to secure the torso to the base even more and give it further stability.

Dressing "her" up is sure to be a fun, almost-daily event!

One of the reasons we picked this particular piece was because we liked how it tied in with the Bungee Office Chair in the room.

You may go here to read my post on the chair, one of my favorite purchases.

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