Thursday, June 9, 2011

On A Very Hot Summer's Day

I have started working on a fun project of which I will give you a little glimpse. But first..

Today temperatures are expected to reach a scorching 100 degrees fahrenheit in parts of the Northeast. Schools may close early (or so my kids are hoping) so I have planned to catch up on work and projects at home.

via Google Images

On days like this the tendency is to dream about (if not to visit) some place, any place by the water. I just had to turn to some perfectly dreamy pictures of places near and far - pardon my indulgence for a brief moment.

Top 10 Feel-Good Getaways: Half Moon Bay, Jamaica
Photo courtesy of Half Moon Bay, Jamaica via Coastal Living

Top 10 Feel-Good Getaways: Mandarin Oriental Riviera Maya Resort, Mexico
Photo courtesy of Mandarin Oriental Riviera Maya Resort, Mexico via Coastal Living

Top 10 Feel-Good Getaways: Acqualina Resort & Spa, Florida
Acqualina Resort and Spa, Florida via Coastal Living

Sandy Cay
Photo: Bryan Allen/Corbis, Sandy Cay, British Virgin Islands via Coastal Living

Lounge along the coast at these luxurious island resorts.
Photo: Anna Schlecter, The Bahamas via Coastal Living

Hermitage Bay on Antigua
Photo courtesy of Hermitage Bay Resort, Antigua via Coastal Living

Andaman & Nicobar Islands via Google Images

The Maldives via Google Images

  The Maldives via Google Images

 South Carolina via here

 Florida via here

But before it gets really oppressive outside I have to make a quick dash to Michael's to pick up some more of these

for a project I am working on.  A sneak peek.....

I am hoping for something unique and pretty to share very soon. Stay tuned!

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