Friday, August 10, 2012

Visiting My Parents

The kids and I are visiting my parents. They live in a place called Goa, situated on the west coast of India along the Arabian Sea.

Known for its exotic beaches and stunning world heritage architecture it is also a  former Portuguese colony, ruled by the Portuguese for over four centuries. Goa has a unique mix of Indian and Portuguese cultures.

There is a lot for one to enjoy in this region besides visiting family. The region boasts a tropical monsoon climate and is famous for its delectable cuisine which has Hindu as well as Portuguese influences. The laid back lifestyle, miles of beaches, flea markets, colorful, exquisite buildings reminiscent of eras gone by, ancient temples and centuries-old churches make it a haven for tourists all year round.

Goa - The Realm of White Beaches  - The Arambol Beach




Inside Se Cathedral, Old Goa
File:India Goa Portuguese Villa.jpg




The kids and I plan to do a bit of shopping while we are here - it is a must, and particularly having flown all this way. There is so much I would love to take back home with me, if only I had the space in my bags. Even just walking through the markets is such fun.

I apologize for not being able to visit you all in the past week or so. It has been busy and with the time difference and jet lag we are doing are best to enjoy quality time with immediate and extended family when we can. I will be back in NY in a few days and will certainly be back on schedule with my regular visits to your blogs then.

I hope you are enjoying your summer!

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