Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Table - A Glimpse

I know it is January, but I want to share some of my Christmas dining table with you. This could be applied to any occasion.I had picked up some glasses at the local Salvation Army thrift shop back in December, as you know, and had decided to use them for my as centerpieces. Here is a glimpse of the table.

We were hosting and as you can imagine, it was a busy day. I had taken some pictures earlier in the day as the setup was coming together and then forgot to take some when the candles were lit and the rest of the table was laid but thanks to a family member I got a few great ones.

Going back to what I used in the center. The glasses from the thrift store.

I loved their shape and height and thought to repurpose them as vases. They could be used collectively or individually throughout the year. I wanted to paint them silver and gold.

There was no time to work on a pattern - something I would like to consider down the road. We had a ton of windy days so spray painting was ever so difficult but I was determined. Were it not for the weather, this would have been an easier project.

I spray painted the smaller glasses silver...

....and the larger ones gold.

I had to do several coats due to the wind.
Overall, I am thrilled with the color and the idea.
I will share further details and more of the table with you later this week.
For now, a glimpse.

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