Thursday, October 31, 2013

One Room Challenge: Week 5

Who can believe it has been 5 weeks since we started this One Room Challenge! Next week is the final reveal and I am glad for the opportunity - the push - to finish Emily's room. Today I have a few pictures to share of some things that I had not addressed previously.

I did a little work on the hutch this week. An idea that came to mind quite suddenly.

While looking around the room at what requires finishing or fine tuning, I noticed the desk needed something else decorative besides the writing utensil organizers, shared with you last week.
This is the cork board attached to the hutch. The usual white color.

I had some spare fabric left over from a reupholstering project I did some months ago. This is Premier Prints Chelsea in Black & White.

I also had some nailhead trim left over from redoing my desk last year.

I decided to do the same here and pin the fabric to the cork board with the nailhead trim. It would add a fun pattern to the otherwise all-white space - other than the black chair - and also be something of interest for the eye to rest on when traveling across the room. Besides that, it ties in with the black-and-white pattern on the duvet.


 Emily and I had worked on this model of the Sydney Opera House for a school project about 3 years ago. I had found a template online and we built it out of card stock together although she did do a lot of the work herself. Subsequently, we visited Sydney, Australia that summer to see family. We are holding on to this model. I think it will stay on top of the hutch for now.
Then there is the carpet made from Flor carpet tiles.
These Flor carpet tiles were bought for the "old" room. She had wanted a shag-like rug with color and we decided on the Short Shag in Sunflower tiles. The initial rug was a smaller size in the "old" room. As the layout has changed, I wanted to increase the size of the rug by adding more tiles. Unfortunately, the same style and shade are no longer available but the Flor representative was extremely helpful and suggested I try Velvet Twist in Sunflower. I ordered 6 of them.
 The color looks deeper, depending on the light and time of day. We figured we could incorporate a pattern, at times subtle, into the rug. 
One could really create any pattern - random or not - with these Flor tiles. The toughest part of this was moving the rug around to the new layout and lifting the bed as we did this.
Next week is the final reveal. For me that challenge was to make time to finish what was started in the spring and summer.
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