Thursday, September 27, 2012

About My Coffee Table Books

While I work on styling the coffee table over the new rug in the living room, I thought I would share some of the books I am incorporating. Besides the various colors and titles and fonts that make such a vignette interesting, a collection of books says so much about the occupants of a home.

I love a collection of good books. I buy a book with the intent to read it. I also think about what my kids would be interested in and there are a couple that have been gifted to us.
Yes, my collection includes a few books relating to interior decorating and design (like below).
A History of Art was gifted to me by my Godmother when I was a teenager.

A favorite book to browse is always the Ethan Allen series.

And Susanna Salk's Be Your Own Decorator is a must for inspiration and in my opinion is for anybody who does not decorate by following "rules".

Another fascinating, inspirational and really spectacular book featuring global perspectives on design - I would love to share some of the pages with you in a different post - is The Way We Live by Stafford Cliff. It has been described as 'an ultimate treasury....' and that it truly is. My kind of book.

This next book was picked up by my husband on a business trip to China many years ago. It has stunning photographs of serene Guilin, one of the most picturesque regions in the area. I like to incorporate this book because of the turquoise and teal colors in it. The colors lend a tranquility to the coffee table vignette.

To mix up the subjects, I have incorporated a hardcover book on wine; Windows on The World Complete Wine Course by Kevin Zraly.

I tend to play around with these books to see what works height-wise and also color-wise. I have removed the cover of A History of Art for now, as well as the one belonging to The Biblical World - An Illustrated Atlas. I love a good National Geographic book - it is always educational and has great pictures.
There are more books. I will probably switch them around every so often.
I have thought about covering them up in similar colored paper to achieve a more uniform look but perhaps another time.
Do you use a selection of books to decorate your rooms and enjoy them as much for their colors and titles?

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