Monday, October 24, 2011

Mantle Items and Sources

This post was due to be published on Friday but I had internet connectivity issues, therefore the delay. Here are the details and sources of the decorative pieces on my mantle.

I used to have framed photographs on my mantle for many years. But recently, I thought I would try something different. The mantle updates were shared with you here last week. I wanted to share further details and sources of these pieces with you. 

The enamel flower used to lie on the coffee table (below)

but I like it upright with light against it which allows one to appreciate the details. This was purchased at a local housewares/gift store, La Dentelliere, with a gift card I was given. It is on a plastic plate stand. This is a picture at night with just the wall sconces switched on. What I love is that it does not rest on the mantle itself but because it juts off the ledge it adds dimension to the vignette.

Here it is during the day. It's almost like it is blooming, now that it is upright.

The milkglass compote was purchased a while ago on Etsy. It is a unique piece and I although I love the utilitarian aspect of it I appreciate it more as a decorative item with its "Old Quilt" pattern and empty!

This silver leaf chair was picked up at a store in Manhattan many years ago. Unfortunately, I cannot recall the store but it cost us something between $10-$15 and all those years ago it was possibly one of our first decorative accessories (small but perfect for a studio apartment). This adorable vintage brass cricket box was one of my more recent purchases from the Cottage & Vine shop on Etsy. Last week I shared some of the other precious items available at René's shop here. I like experimenting with the effects of the silver and gold color combination.

I liked the relief work on this cross which I picked up from a local Treasure Island which subsequently closed some years ago.

Next I placed the teal/turquoise/yellow handblown Maltese vase from the '70s which I purchased from  1001 Vintage. It contributes this sea-like coloration to my living room in its new color scheme. I shared items from 1001 Vintage with you here. Moving on to the stunning red/deep orange/amber vintage carafe with a ship embossed on both sides, another purchase from Cottage & Vine. This piece was so unique and stunning, I had to have it. The graduated tint is one of its attractive features. I like that it is an unusual item for a mantle and in terms of its color, too, it draws attention to the space.

The crystal votive was purchased at a Papyrus store a few years ago. These make great hostess gifts but I had to keep one (or two) for myself. I love the sparkle. I have a flameless candle placed inside it ready for use.

The sconces were purchased in a hurry from a local light store (in the midst of construction when we uncovered hidden wiring for sconces) and the raw silk mini shades were from Home Depot Expo (which closed a couple of years ago). And then there is the solo pumpkin, reminding us that it is Fall.

So there you have it. An eclectic mix of styles, colors, and metals without it being too busy. I added the milk glass piece to balance the other items and to tie the vignette to the (white) mantle. Make sense? Do you think I should paint the cross?

I am thinking about adding a natural, organic piece if I can find one..perhaps something from my backyard. I shall have to look. I thought about adding height to some of the items but that is where the decals and sconces come into play, extending the vignette while drawing the eye upward. I might add more to the decal pattern but I like it so far. I do not think that a mantle has to have too many large or tall items on it as long as there is one (the flower) but again, there are no rules.

I know some of you have commented on these items in my previous mantle post but please do not hesitate to leave another; I am always thrilled to read your thoughts and any feedback is always appreciated.

I would like to thank Tina, of The Enchanted Home, for graciously honoring me with the Versatile Blogger Award. Most of you are probably familiar with Tina's captivating blog as she walks us through the construction of her fabulous dream house with all the stunning details. If you have not visited her blog yet do stop by - you will be awestruck. This is the third time I have received this award and each time this has been an affirmation that my attempt at blogging - I had never read a blog or knew what one was before May of this year - is being appreciated. Thank you, Tina! Even though I have yet to check out the other recipients (and I will certainly do so this week) I know I must be in great company.

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