Friday, September 14, 2012

While shopping at west elm

west elm opened up a store on our local high street a few months ago. I have long been a fan of their goods, have purchased for and recommended to clients and own a few pieces myself.
I have visited this new branch a few times and during the last visit I took pictures of some of the furniture that grabbed my attention.
The laquered Source Bench - part of a collaboration with a South African design studio, Source - caught my eye because of the color and then I noticed the woven leather seat. I am drawn to furniture with a woven element wherever I see it, and I always marvel at the different woven patterns. I also love the contrast in the spindles in the backrest as well as the colorblock effect on the feet.

This bench would look stunning with a variety of throw pillows on it. Playful, functional and a work of art all by itself.

It is also available in white.

Room View

Incidentally, the Source Dining Chair is also part of the same collaboration.


I saw a customer buy one of these and walk out with it. I took a quick picture of one by a dining table. It is the John Vogel chair.  


Besides the handwoven synthetic seat  - which adds a pretty pattern - the rounded backrest is an interesting aspect of the overall design.

Also on the shop floor was the John Vogel Bench.


One of the reasons I was in the store multiple times was because I have been shopping around - in no hurry - for a rug for the living room.

This ivory Chevron Knot Rug, although neutral in color, is stunning. Its design lends dimension and obvious texture to the piece so therefore it is very appealing.

My other current favorite rug at west elm is this gorgeous Snow Peak Rug - luxuriously soft underfoot.
Incidentally, rugs are 15% off until September 24th.
I shall keep you posted on the rug situation. Are you a fan of west elm?
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  1. I shop in "no hurry" mode all the time. West Elm is great for inspiration. That bench is great, and it looks so much better in red.

  2. Love how the bright red lacquer adds a modern touch to a classic bench and the new detail of the woven seat is great ... dipped legs too! The John Vogel chair with rounded back would be so comfy to sit in for dining :) Sadly, our local West Elm closed several years ago so I can only browse vicariously through posts like this ... keep them coming and good luck on the rug hunt.

  3. I have been oogling those pieces in the catalog, glad to know they are awesome in person! Good luck on your rug search, cvan't wait to see what you choose!

  4. Love the bench and while the seat looks like it would be comfortable I'm afraid I would feel the need to make a French mattress pad on go on it to make it look more finished. Now those carpets I can wrap my head around and need one for my living room. Thanks for the heads up on them.

    Enjoy your weekend Lisa!

  5. I love West Elm! Was just in there this week trying out those chairs. I couldn't wait to see if they were comfortable. Surprisingly, they are. Good luck on your rug hunt.

  6. I AM a fan! I was just able to go a few weeks ago with my sister-our nearest store is 3 hours away. I think I would be in trouble if I could stop in whenever I wanted to! You have some great choices here. Loving that John Vogel bench, I can just see it at the end of a bed!

  7. Fortunately we have one that's just far enough I can't stop in all the time! That bench is fabulous and so versatile!

  8. Wishing we had a West Elm here! I love that bench, it reminds me of the bench my gran had when I was a child.

  9. I wish I had a West Elm closer to me. I love a lot of their stuff, including that bench!

  10. I loooove the bench it white! Thank goodness for internet, that people can shop West Elm online when they can't get to the stores to drool in person :) They have great items!