Friday, March 16, 2012

Being Creative With Floral Arrangements

I recently came across some creative ideas in floral arrangements. These are fun and can make any bouquet, bunch of flowers or a single stem look that much more special.
This will make you look at any metallic or plastic packaging, serving dish, dessert bowl, soda bottle, tea cup and even wine glass a little differently. I am sending these flowers to you.
Beautiful silverware, some with an aged patina, adds elegance to any arrangement.
Pinned Image
Measuring containers like beakers and vials.
glass beakers

Many containers of the same color displayed as one collection.

red gladiolas

Wine and champagne glasses inverted over flowers in full bloom with a coaster underneath for added height.
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Colorful soda bottles.
gladiolas in blue bottles

Mercury glass.

mercury glass containers

Anything from the kitchen like mason jars and used cans lend a rustic feel.
nosegays on table

An unusually shaped baking dish filled with water. The flowers have just been laid in it.

long dish full of pink gladiolas

A cordial.

daisies in a silver cordial glass

A pitcher.

antique rose

One flower in a rainbow of colors in reused bottles.
gladiolas in a row

all images above via Better Homes & Gardens

Glass bottles painted white.
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Something modern with florals submerged in water.

Metallic tea and biscuit containers with color and lettering. A charming, old-fashioned arrangement.
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Cafe au lait bowls of different sizes with floral foam to hold the flowers.
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Who says one has to wait for a party or a special occasion to enjoy flowers and be creative with the arrangement? It is time to be imaginative with those pretty spring blooms a lot of us are beginning to see around us and repurpose those bottles, jars and cups sitting in your cabinets.

I could see myself doing most if not all of these. Which one would be your favorite?

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. Such a pretty collection of ideas! More fuel for my spring fever! Have a wonderful weekend, Lisa!

  2. Such Great ideas. I recently bought 3 silver "julip" cups...(.but they were really drinking cups on sale at Homegoods from bathroom section...) to look exactly like your first image!

  3. Agree, we shouldn't wait for a party to arrange flowers around the house. I actually have to try more! I love all the ideas here.
    Happy weekend.

  4. I literally made my son jump out of the car yesterday to grab some of the 'weeds' on the side of the road. We came home and put them in soda bottles. Loving the pretty and free arrangements!

  5. What a beautiful post! My favorite container for flowers is blue mason jars, they are perfect with hydrangeas. I also found a beaker with a gold rim that I adore for flowers. Have a happy weekend!!

  6. I actually find myself loving the soda bottles.

  7. Since my peony stems are already about 7" above ground ... way early for Virginia, I better start thinking about this! Martha's cafe au lait bowls are a classic beauty but there's something about the extreme contrast of beakers and test tubes {very scientific / specific} holding delicate flowers just for the beauty of it. Thanks Lisa for posting such "pretty moments" this Friday.


  8. oh what lovely pictures!! thanks for the new ideas always make a room happier!

  9. Wonderful ideas and I've done the beaker one and a few others. What I really need to do is go buy some flowers today. You've given me a few ideas Lisa...thanks!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  10. Awesome ideas... Just what I have been looking for. I have a few glass bottles lying in the house and I have been thinking of putting them to some use. This post gave birth to some new ideas. Hope to implement them soon.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too :)

  11. I love using flowers around the house too. Those are some great ideas. I especially like the silver containers and the cafe au lait bowls holding the flowers.

  12. These are all great ideas, Lisa. I really love the ones with the flowers submerged in water. They look gorgeous, unexpected and totally mesmerizing!


  13. I honestly do not think I could pick a favorite. All of these ideas are wonderful and so very pretty. It makes me rethink what I usually use to hold my flowers.