Wednesday, March 21, 2012

4 WaysTo Rejuvenate Your House This Spring

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Yesterday was officially the first day of spring. If your home still reflects some aspects of winter, unless it is still cold and/or snowing where you live, it is definitely time to freshen up your rooms and revitalize your home environment.

To share some ideas to do just that today, I have a guest post by Ryan who works in real estate in Texas.

4 Ways to Rejuvenate Your House This Spring.

Spring is often thought of as a time of birth, change, and growth, and winter is often thought of as a time of hibernation and stagnancy. It’s often difficult to feel inspired enough to focus on the design aspects of your home during the wintertime. However, spring is usually the perfect time for you to breathe fresh air into your home in terms of design. If your house hasn’t fully recovered from the Winter Blues, it may be time to start thinking of ways you can rejuvenate it. Here are four things you can try out to increase the vibrancy of your living space this spring:

1. Ditch the clutter.

Doing a little spring cleaning can work wonders. Try to fill up three or four boxes of stuff you are no longer using, and consider which pieces of furniture you’d be willing to part with. Clearing out clutter will help improve the energy of your home, and it will likely help you feel more mentally invigorated.


2. Add accents of color.

Dashes of red, green, yellow, and white will add some vibrancy to your home. Things like pillows, paintings, and decorative items that are brightly and tastefully colored will cause their surroundings to “pop” and improve the overall appearance of your living space. 


3. Get natural.

In the springtime, the flowers outside are blooming and the plants outdoors are flourishing. Why not bring some of this natural beauty into your home? Get some succulents and potted ferns and spread them throughout your house. They’ll give your home the lively kick it needs this spring.

4. Let the light shine through.

Take down those thick curtains that block out all the natural light from outside, and replace them with some sheer curtains. Sunlight can add a subtle brilliance to the overall appearance of your home. Natural light also helps improve your mood. Not to mention, relying less on indoor lighting will help reduce your energy consumption and electricity bills. 


So, live life to the fullest this spring, and do what you can to cultivate vibrancy in your home!
Author’s Bio: Ryan is a guest writer who primarily writes about interior design trends and real estate. She is an avid participant in professional projects involving real estate in Austin, Berry Creek homes for sale, and Marvin window prices. 

Thank you, Ryan, for highlighting some quick and easy ways to freshen up the home and welcome spring! These tips will certainly help energize us all!

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  1. Thanks for the tips, Ryan and Lisa! I'm doing pretty good with all the fun additions, the spring cleaning hasn't made it to the top of my list yet! :)

  2. Going natural is a great tip. I love to bring in cuttings from the garden and natural elements into our living spaces, especially this time of year!

  3. Ditched the clutter a few years ago but I think that goes with age and not wanting to dust it all. Light we have, huge and lots of windows and waiting on the nurseries to fill up for the natural. All great tips for the spring/.


  4. I love a good purge and spring cleaning! Great tips.

    Happy Spring!

  5. AWSOME TIPS:) Its a totally different light indoor in least here in Sweden so I myself want to change a lot of I bought a orchid and next stop is buying new pillows in colour that says SPRING:)
    Have a great day

    LOVE Maria

  6. These are great tips! I'm working on ditching the clutter right now! I always feel so much better when I can get rid of a few boxes worth of stuff.

  7. Great tips for spring cleaning. It always fells so good to get rid of clutter.than we can start all over.

  8. awesome tips! definitely have a pop of some brightness in the room!