Thursday, November 7, 2013

One Room Challenge: Week 6 - The Reveal

It is finally here - the day I get to reveal my tween daughter's room makeover and share it on the One Room Challenge linking get-together over at Calling It Home. Although I started this room in the spring and did it in various stages there was a lot I had to accomplish in the past 6 weeks. You will get very few words from me in this post but you will get a lot of pictures. Enjoy!

If you would like to read the previous posts before continuing on, click on the links below.
Lights on in some pictures and lights off in others.
I am not 100% done. The one thing missing is the nightstand. I am working on refinishing it. In the meantime, I apologize for the exposed wires. I did not attempt to camouflage them.

There was very little sun today when taking these pictures.

Some close-ups.


A few pictures taken in the evening.

There was an issue with hanging the curtain rod for the small window. We could not drill holes further away from the window and were only able to a little inside the width of the window frame.
The chandelier I made over works well in the new room.

No pictures of the desk in the evening as somebody was doing their homework.
I have shared specific details and resources in previous posts. There may be a few things added since. I will discuss all specifics further in a later post.
What is the next challenge? Well, aside from me finishing the nightstand it would be for Emily to keep her room looking like this. I do not expect it on a daily basis but I would settle for regularly.
I started working on this room - the first thing was the paint - back in the spring. I have to applaud those who took on their individual projects and accomplished everything within 6 weeks. With all that I have going on I would not have been able to complete this room in that time frame because it is a room in my house. That makes it harder as other things take priority.
Thank you, Linda, for hosting and encouraging and supporting. It has truly been fun. 
Now do head on over to Calling It Home and visit the other skilled and talented participants.
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