Friday, August 3, 2012

Wine Bottle Lamps

I love pieces of furniture or any accessory that is unusual - something one does not come across every day. This is a great upcyling idea by John Meng. Have you seen these neat lamps?  They would be perfect for a bar, on a desk or really any space begging for a great conversation piece.

Wine Bottle Lamp Series

Wine Bottle Lamp Series  3

Wine Bottle Lamp Series  4

I love the various options with the design of a lamp using the wine bottles. I am also drawn to the warm glow of the ambient lighting.

Wine Bottle Lamp Series  5

Wine Bottle Lamp Series by John Meng 04 Wine Bottle Lamp Series by John Meng

Wine Bottle Lamp Series by John Meng 05 Wine Bottle Lamp Series by John Meng

Wine Bottle Lamp Series by John Meng 07 Wine Bottle Lamp Series by John Meng

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I think my favorite lamp would probably be the horizontal one although I love the idea of having a bottle upside-down as well.

Which one is your favorite? Could you see yourself using one of these in your own home?

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  1. You have a knack for finding the most unique items! My favorite is the verticle with the stopper. They would be a great touch in a bar. Enjoy the weekend, Lisa!

  2. i love these. one of my friends lives in a townhouse with a postage stamp sized backyard that is adjacent on both sides to other yards, so they have a high fence. they took wine bottles and made them into torchieres on each fence post, with those metal zip tie type things. i think it looks BEAUTIFUL

  3. The horizontal version that appears to have a piece of paper with writing inside ... a message in a bottle ... could be such a nice memento if the message could be customized. It could even be a great DIY. I love unique lighting and ambient glows get me all a twitter. The vertical bottles I'm a little less thrilled by as they remind me of a medical setting & an IV drip. Once I saw it that way I can't see it any other. So I'll take the horizontal one please :)

  4. Agree. The unexpected is always interesting and inspiring. Cool lamps.

  5. These are the coolest lights! So inventive, I love it.

  6. The DIY Wine Bottle Lamps are so cool. Featured you on Homemade Wine Bottle Crafts

  7. Love the industrial, yet elegant look of these lamps. It's hard to find something that looks sophisticated enough for a man or a woman's taste. NICE!