Friday, January 25, 2013

House and Garden's Top Rooms

Today I am sharing some of my favorite rooms listed among the top 50 rooms according to Australia's House and Garden.
My choices here are centered around these factors for the most part - gorgeous natural light, indoor-outdoor spaces, unexpected architectural details, contrasts, colors that are bold and stunning, a feeling of comfort and in some cases a fun element.
1 Open garden
3 Bricks & water
8 Dream mission
10 Open-&-shut case
13 View from on high
15 Taking a vantage
16 Black & white
18 In the approach
19 Private quarters
21 Personality plus
23 Subtropical showcase
26 Giorgi-ous!
28 Novel enterprise
31 Light switch
33 Seats and the city
36 Bush ballad
38 Colour at play
39 Soft touch
40 Sculptural views
41 Set on stone
42 Country comfort
46 Star turn
47 Period peace
49 Perfect vision
Do you have one favorite or would it be tough to choose? To see all 50 rooms go to House and Garden.
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  1. All great choices Lisa and several I want to pin. I don't have one favorite to tough to choose one.

    Sorry I've been so quiet work has been keeping me swamped but hopefully I can get back to blogging regularly.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Oh I can pick bits and pieces from all of the rooms! Great selections!

  3. They remind me of a friend's home in Perth ~ she had a wall of windows and a very clean, edited look. Happy weekend, Lisa!

  4. Too hard to choose a favorite.....all those windows and natural light.....

  5. Wow! What a crazy amount of eye candy! I really love that beautiful bedroom with windows on all sides of it!

  6. I love all of the natural light and the rooms are so spacious! The colors look good with each other, too!

  7. Wow! really beautiful all of them. Hard to choose!

  8. It is hard to choose....cant wait to check out the 50!

  9. I love your pretty tastes and your fantastic ideas

  10. really you have great ideas and great blog

  11. this is my first visit for your blog but i will be one of your followers