Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Easy Halloween Wreath

I decided to make a wreath for Halloween for the front door instead of
hanging the usual Fall wreath. This one took me about 15 minutes to complete.
I had to run to JoAnn's for some other items and grabbed whatever I could find for the wreath. I had a coupon and some things were on sale.
I bought a 12" Styrofoam wreath ($3.49)....
...netting ribbon in this honeycomb-like pattern. I liked the orange coloration ($1.99 each 12ft. roll; I  bought 2 just in case; I could return one if unused),...
...and this mask ($3.99).
The great thing about using a Styrofoam wreath is no glue or other adhesive was necessary for this part. I have a ton of these pins at home.
With the pins in hand I wrapped the ribbon around the wreath. One pin held the beginning of the ribbon in place on the inside where it will not be seen.
As I wrapped the ribbon around, I overlapped it marginally to create a pattern. I had hoped for a stronger color throughout. It still looked good. Every few inches I used another pin to hold the ribbon in place.
Notice the pattern.
(I should have done this over newspaper as I had a lot of glitter from the ribbon on the table).

Fortunately I had the second roll of the ribbon because one roll did not cover the entire wreath. Perhaps it would have had I not overlapped it to create a pattern.
The part where I planned to place the mask would have less of the ribbon. I determined placement of the mask. The kids and I had decided the wreath would look more interesting if the mask was placed to one side.

Second roll in hand I started wrapping again. This time, I decided to double over alternate wraps to create a stronger color and a pattern slightly different from the first.
New pattern and again, double-checking placement of the mask.

I used a glue gun to affix the mask to the wreath.
Some ribbon was left over and I used that to hang the wreath on the door on the knocker.
We also decided to keep the black ribbons on the mask for added effect.
Like I said, this project took about 15 minutes to complete up to the time I left the hot glue to dry. The wreath is a little skewed to the right because of the weight of the mask but that is fine.

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  1. What a great idea! So original, and I love that it lights up.

  2. OK that's fun and easy for people who are all thumbs. We don't get trick or treaters since we're to far out and deep in the woods, I miss them!


  3. Fun! I love that ribbon - it's perfect for Halloween!
    I don't have one Halloween decoration up - I'm such a Scrooge this year! Thanks for the inspiration, Lisa.

  4. I love a 15 minute craft that has the look of a much more involved project ;) Great ribbon, it reminds me of fishnet stockings but also spider webs which is definitely part of the Halloween skeery thing. That's a lovely mask on the wreath too. Happy fall and Halloween! Robin

  5. Very clever and fun, Lisa! I still don't have one up yet!

  6. Very cute! Great Idea!

  7. I love the mask on it ... nice touch! I still haven't even carved ONE single pumpkin (on my to do list, maybe 2013 haha!)

  8. Uffff loved ur Hallowen wreath!!!!!!1

  9. Lisa some check my space giveaway is gng onnn

  10. This is so fun and different! I wish I had dropped by earlier so I could've copied! (c;