Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Table Is Set

Saturday's neighborhood event - annual progressive dinner - was fun and our part of hosting dinner for 10 was a great success. We met these 8 neighbors for the first time. We were all an hour late to the next course - dessert/nightcap - as everyone was having such a great time.

The table was warm and inviting with an eclectic mix of styles and formal pieces interspersed with less formal ones. The infusion of turquoise, orange, lapis, gold, hints of green, and of course, white to lighten things up helped create a fun and relaxed space. This was certainly not meant to be a formal event.

Everything came together perfectly.

I took pictures at every opportunity I could during the day therefore the change in the light in different pictures. I set the table in stages and the flowers were added Saturday afternoon.

Much later in the day I added soup bowls for salad so you will see the table set without these in some of the pictures.

Everything I used I already own and I would have used flowers from my own garden if I had anything in white that was in bloom. But I bought 5 bouquets of the daisy poms at $4.99 a bouquet.

And the turquoise shells and glass gems added perfect color in my assorted jar collection and the arrangements were intentionally simple but effective with the mini flameless candles for a soft glow - more effective at night.

Like I had mentioned in my previous post, I kept the floral arrangements low so as to allow for easy conversation across the table.

This table is a beautiful piece and I like to enjoy it without a tablecloth whenever I can.

I only have place settings for 8 and so I had to add white china at the heads pf the table. My formal china is Grande Ivory in Imperial Lapis by Mikasa. It is about 18 years old and so is the flatware which has just a hint of gold in the delicate tassel pattern to tie in with the gold border on the china.

I did not include additional forks for salad as I have noticed in the past for such an occasion these are rarely used.

The placemats are woven vinyl ones by Chilewich. They were a great buy from a few years ago. I even have another set for daily use at the kitchen table. These are strong and so easily washed by hand  - so perfect with kids around. They come in a variety of colors.

I used crystal glasses for water and a set with different tinted colored glasses for wine. The wine glasses did not take away from the overall look and color scheme of the table.

The coasters for the glasses are 2 different sets; old. I need to find new ones. But these served their purpose.

I also had only 8 beaded napkin rings...

...and so I made my own for the heads of the table and did this at the last minute before the guests walked in the door so the flowers were fresh. I used daisy poms and some hemp I already had.

The orange cotton napkins are from Crate & Barrel. These I have had for a few years. I decided to use fabric napkins (instead of paper) in order to soften the space particularly as I have removed the rug from beneath the table and do not have any curtains in place right now.

The dining table, when extended, can comfortably seat 10 and we have even hosted 12 at the table. But we bought 8 chairs for it and so I pulled in 2 extra chairs - the ones with spindles - from around the kitchen table.

I added some of my tallest flameless candles for additional ambient light.

For those who might be interested, on the menu for dinner (this was catered):

Pear Delight Salad - poached pears, mesclun greens, mozzarella, mango and homemade pot wine dressing
Cavatelli in a pink sauce
Chicken alla Sophia - prosciutto with mozzarella, spinach in a  brown demi-glaze.

The table before:


It was a fun evening and we walked home from the last house (dessert/nightcap) after 1 a.m.! 

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  1. I have loved to set my table (or my mom's) since i was a little girl, so I really loved this post! You did a beautiful job, Lisa. I loved how the glow from the candle came through the turquoise glass. Your china is gorgeous, too. I'm having a hard time picking one element because you really created a tablescape that works as one seamless piece. Just gorgeous. What a fun idea!

  2. Beautiful table setting Lisa! Looks so lovely. I'm sure your guests were so grateful for all your effort and that they had a wonderful time.

  3. The table looks beautiful! Your china works so well with your wall color too! I bet everyone loved your stenciled walls. They are so beautiful. And I love your new blog design. :)

  4. Lisa your table came out beautifully! I love how your mats picked up the colors from your china, which is beautiful too. Your fixes for being short on a few things worked out perfectly. Sounds like you had a lot of fun putting this together. Glad to hear your dinner party went so well!


  5. Such a beautiful evening with new friends and a lovely table to enjoy. I really like the mix of elements ... adding chairs and napkin rings for example, it says "come on in, we're friends" rather than "we're prepared to serve a formal banquet for up to 24 people"! In fact, when we moved back home after our fire and I hosted a celebration dinner, I asked folks bring their own chairs ... that might have been taking it too far for mixing it up ;) Your setting was lovely, fresh, warm and sweet ... everything a guest could hope for from their hostess.

  6. So pretty, Lisa! Love the pop of orange from the napkins. Your wall color is such a great backdrop for a dinner party!

  7. It turned out beautifully, Lisa! What a fun evening, it's so much easier when you're only responsible for one course, I'm going to propose it to some of our neighbors. Love your stencil!

  8. I have not been to a progressive dinner in years. How fun, and I am sure that all of the neighbors loved your table. So fresh and beautiful. Nice to see you out of the basement ;)

  9. What a great way for you to show off you new dining room! I love your table! The dishes and silverware are great together. I wonderful blend of formal and casual!

  10. Yay! So glad you're getting to enjoy/showoff the fruits of your stencil labor. It looks beautiful, Lisa.

  11. Gorgeous! Sounds like such a fun way to meet the neighbors too!

  12. So pretty! My mom is constantly moving centerpieces so that she can talk to the people across the table (we are both short...) so it was a good idea to keep them low in the first place. She would approve. :)

  13. Looks great! And I love your stenciled walls!

    I'm glad we found each others' blog. We used to lived in Westchester before moving to the midwest. Can't wait to go back.

  14. oh my gosh.. What a stunning table that is.. Gorgeous.. the colours.. the style.. the pattern.. and the setting is lovely too.. I'm sharing this on the CD fb (http://www.facebook.com/ColoursDekor) page.. as todays.. inspiration for Made with love.. Thank you for linking in.. :)

  15. I just happened upon you as I was searching for information on my china - Mikasa's Imperial Lapis! I bought a service for 12 at an estate sale a few months ago. I love your table. I am inspired by the mixture of color, texture, formal and informal. I will be borrowing some of your ideas for my Thanksgiving table this year. Thank you so much for sharing.