Thursday, January 26, 2012

An Airline Trolley For Your Home or Office?

A novel idea using airline trolleys as a piece of furniture on wheels customized to suit any space. Skypak founder Peter Jorge Fischer has taken this perfectly utilitarian airline bar cart made from original aviation equipment and has transformed it into a modern, glamourous, fun, unique piece of furniture with interior drawers and shelving in walnut or aluminum. Take a look at some of the luxury pieces the designers have created.

Coffee bar.

Extra storage in the kitchen.

Mini wardrobe....

.... with shoe storage.

Airport codes on exterior.


Available with company logos.

CD storage unit with custom-built pullout drawers.

Industrial glamor - studded with 82,000 Swarovski crystals!!

24-carat gold leaf exterior.

Mosaic tiles by Bisazza Mosaico exclusively for Skypak.

Imagine. From this... this. Style.
All images via. For more details visit Skypak
The airline trolley is clearly multifunctional. The integrity of the original design is not compromised - the trolley is still recognizeable with the hardware, overall frame and the wheels (which adds to its versatility). It would be perfect for small spaces. What could you use one for? I could dress one up inside and out with my jewelry - a perfect storage solution!

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  1. i am not a huge fan of the look, but that last image really gets me- i like the look of the gold next to the bathtub!

  2. They would be great for an art room. Being an artist,I am always looking for handy things to put my paint and brushes in.

  3. Oh my goodness, I love this idea. It's so versatile and could fit in so many spaces. I could see it as a night stand with undergarments stored in it. :)

  4. ...and I'm definitely following you back... :)

  5. Love that coffee bar!!!


  6. Very fun idea! The coffee bar is cute and I like the wooden drawers.

  7. Hi Lisa,

    Great idea. Organize any space with style is the key!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. And, I'm a follower, for sure.

  8. Well isn't that a fantastic idea! Love the coffee and the bar carts, and the mini wardrobe as well. Love it when you can repurpose! Great blog, and thanks for visiting my site so that I could find you!

  9. I got a little chuckle out of this post! Just about anything can be repurposed, can't it?!?! I think it would be great for craft/art supplies.

  10. This is such a fabulous idea to turn an airline trolley into a unique piece! It's unexpected and fun with all the different finishes!


  11. That is so cool! But I bet I'd get crazy looks from my family if I tried to pull it off :)

  12. Hey guys,
    thank you so much for the great feedback! We are really happy you guys like what we are doing! If you have further questions feel free to contact us via crew[at]skypak[dot]de
    All the best from Germany
    Kay from Skypak

  13. I LOVE it! What a cool conversation piece and funtional!

  14. I would love a mini bar in our home. And this unit looks like the right size!

  15. Thats inspiring.. I could see it in my home.. for sure!! :-)

  16. Lot of organization for a small piece. I like it in the right setting!