Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Not Your Average Locker (Decor)

This one's for the girls! I did not attend elementary, middle or high school in this country. So little did I know that hitting middle school is a bigger deal than most elementary school students could imagine and to some it might be intimidating. There is a clear distinction and not just because you are more independent and have to carry your books from class to class but also because you have your own locker - a really big deal! Setting up the locker is an event in itself. It needs to be organized just so - it has to work efficiently and also look good for you have a precious three minutes or so between classes to grab your stuff.

While shopping around online for the perfect locker shelf for middle school (last year's was a different size for a different locker) I came across LockerLookz. Dedicated to locker decor it has a variety of items one could use to dress up a locker, whatever the size may be and for different personalities.

Here are a few of the items available; all perfectly sized.

First up, wallpaper. White Zebra on Aqua Background, Purple Plaid, Black&White Key Scroll, Pink Polka Dots...

Fashion Bins to hold extra pencils, pens, and so on - like these in Aqua Argyle, Green/Blue Circle Dots or White with Black Dots.

Mirrors, Flowers, Dry-Erase Boards, all magnetic and available in other colors/patterns.
And Rugs! I had no idea that one could purchase a rug for a locker like these 12"x18" shag rugs.

And last but certainly not least, possibly the icing on the cake - 4 1/4" lamps and 5" chandeliers (motion-sensored and magnetized, of course) which run on AAA batteries!

Locker Lamp: White with Purple DotsLocker Lamp: Black/White ScrollLocker Chandelier - White
And there is more in each category. Visit LockerLookz to see the entire collection. The website also has instructional videos to show how to install the accessories. And the site's store locator will help you find these items at a store near you.

To coordinate the space, one can visit the Design Your Locker feature and play around with the look before purchasing. So much fun!
I am sure this would make the transition from elementary school a little easier. These would make cute gifts too, I think.

Did you have these options or some of these available when you attended middle/high school? Would you have decorated yours?

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  1. Hi Lisa, I like the locker lights, and no we did not have them when I went to school. I can see the girls really going for these though, cute and different. I have a son, so he would never go for something like this LOL

  2. My locker days are waaaaay over but those magnetized lamps are AWESOME.

  3. I had no idea locker decor was such a big deal! But, that mini-chandelier is so cool. I can't believe there are locker rugs and wallpaper. I'm sure my daughters will want it all once they get to middle school.

  4. Very cool. I passed this post along to my friend who was just inquiring out locker decor. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Lisa!

    As you are obviously aware, locker decorations are a huge thing for girls (and some guys) nowadays! Our company, MagnaCard, sells locker decorations and we started with our Magnetic Locker Wallpaper a few years ago - there's a big write-up on Sarah Buckel, who came up with the clever idea.

    Anyway, it's fun to see how much middle school students, high school students, and even some college students love to express themselves through their lockers and decorations!

    Locker decorations definitely range in price, so depending on what someone is looking for will depict which company they buy from. And as Decorating with Cents mentioned above, more of the products for lockers are targeted for girls. However, there are some guys looking for simple decorations - more along the lines of organization and maybe some magnets to hang up their pictures.

    All in all, have fun with decorating!

  6. What will they think of next?! If these had existed back when I was in middle school and high school, I think I would have been partial to the black and white paper with the white chandelier. Such a fun idea - thank you for sharing this find!

  7. I definitely didn't know locker is such a big deal for girls in middle schools either because I didn't attend school in the United States. I love your finds though especially those fashion bins. My favorite is the Aqua Argyle, it's so chic and preppy!

    Have a great week, Lisa!


  8. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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