Thursday, September 1, 2011

Aston Martin Interiors - Where Technology meets Luxury

Something interesting. Earlier this year, classy British car company Aston Martin launched a furniture line in Milan combining cutting-edge technology with masterful, futuristic design resulting in pieces like these which are inspired by the forms and curves of the car.

Steel and wood-framed sofa with supple leather seat.
Chaise constructed of carbon fiber and aluminum; also covered in leather.
Images via here

Amazing construction. Could they be as sleek as they look and comfortable at the same time? I would have to try them out in person. Do you like the look of these pieces?

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  1. I like the first sofa. I think it would look amazing in a modern and sophisticated bachelor pad!


  2. I spend waaaay too much time daydreaming about driving in my very own Aston Martin but I think they should stick to car design! I kind of like the first sofa - I agree with Jessie, it would look good in a sleek bachelor's pad!