Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Apartment Living in Auckland, NZ

A side note: This is how we spent Sunday evening.
Isabel taught us a new card game she picked up while at camp this summer. We ended the evening with Monopoly (a childhood favorite of mine). Those flameless candles from Crate & Barrel have certainly come in useful. We survived Hurricane Irene with just a 17-hour power outage but our thoughts are with family, friends and those who continue to endure the after-affects and for others who are encountering loss and devastation of unparalleled magnitude.

This post was scheduled to go out this week in the event of continued power outage. I shall share it with you anyway. This stunning apartment building in Auckland, New Zealand was engineered to utilize natural light, warmth and cool breezes. The floors are built in tiers. Materials used are concrete, glass and cedar. Aluminum and wood also contribute to the overall harmonious aesthetics and green design. The building retains heat in winter and deflects it during warmer months.
trinity apartments exterior

Glass panels like sculptures off the facade of the building.
trinity apartments street facing side glass panels

Grid-like landscaped garden.
trinity apartments street birds eye view

trinity apartments balcony view street

trinity apartments kitchen

trinity apartments dining counter chairs

trinity apartments exterior pool

trinity apartments dining room

via Dwell photos Simon Devitt

There is so much appeal to the entire design of this structure, indoors and outdoors. I love that it is modern, contemporary and yet exudes a homey feel and warmth in the design (wooden shutters, lighting, garden) and colors. I could live in such a place, couldn't you?

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  1. Lisa, I am glad that you and your family were not too affected by Irene!

  2. Glad you all got through it ok...so so scary! Love the sleek photos!

  3. So glad you weren't affected that bad. Power outages stink! We went two weeks without power a couple years ago when a hurricane hit and we didn't have a gas stove. NO FUN!! Puts things in perspective though.

    Love the feel of that apartment. I could definitely live there :)

  4. What an incredible apartment! Glad you made the most of your short time without power...it's always fun to find the silver lining and playing cards sound like the perfect distraction!

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