Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Living In Color - House Sneak Peek

Today, I have linked up to the True Colors Linky Party at the handmade home! Come join in the fun!

The Handmade Home

My personal style is very eclectic. I have lived in a few different countries and I like to travel. This has contributed to and influenced my personal spaces. I love combining modern pieces with timeless treasures; something purchased last week with another gifted many years ago or something created yesterday. And I am constantly changing things around.

Here is a sneak peek at some color within my home. I am naturally drawn to shades of blue and green. Sometimes these colors were a conscious choice and other times, not. I have here a mini collage with a sneak peek at some spaces.

1. A chest bought while on a trip to India.
2. Artwork purchased at a kid's school fundraiser about 8 years ago/Harrisburg Green (Benjamin Moore) walls.
3. Dried flowers on the formal dining table.
4. Front door.
5. Indian block print cushion cover.
6. Multicolored butterfly strand (gift to kids) from Etsy (made in Germany)/Blue Bayou by Benjamin Moore on walls.
7. A Home Goods favorite purchase - vase with relief pattern.
8. Tiled bench from Target/cactus from local Trader Joe's/cobalt vase gifted with flowers from a dinner guest.
9. Green silk framed artwork from Brazil.

So there you have it...my life in color! In time, more will be revealed. Does any of it appeal to you?

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