Friday, May 18, 2012

How I Decorated The Dining Table

On Wednesday evening I hosted a 'Ladies' Social' event in the neighborhood. It is a tradition that started many years ago and is an informal gathering held once a month. It used to be a 'Ladies' Coffee' get-together after dinner but has gradually evolved into an occasion where wine is offered - more appealing, I would guess.

I have hosted a couple or more of these over the years and decided my dining room was complete enough to "open" it to the public again after having stenciled the walls. I still do not have curtains or newly upholstered chairs but right now it is all about enjoying the walls.

I was not entirely sure how I was going to dress up the table until the previous day. I kept it simple.
I have some tablecloths which I have used over the years but did not feel like digging those out just yet. I had purchased this bamboo striped table runner from Bed, Bath & Beyond last summer. I never used it. I decided it would bring some great colors to the table - ones I am planning on introducing more of.

Bamboo Stripe Table Runner

I had also loved this Manzanita Candelabra made of aluminum and available at west elm last year. It holds nine mini taper candles. It sold out by the time I decided to purchase it. It was available again earlier this year and was on backorder. It arrived last month.

Love it! The organic shape is quite amazing and it has so much dimension. I would imagine that each piece is different. I had purchased it for $99 and it is now available at a special price of $79.

The mini taper candles are not included and and I have yet to order them. I had thought I could purchase these anyplace easily but that is not the case. I will get some from west elm.

I have a small collection, a growing one though, of mason and other  - organic-blueberry-preserve-for-my-breakfast-with-oatmeal-from-Trader-Joe's - jars. I thought these, with a few flowers, would lend a perfect organic, unfussy look to the table along with the candelabra.

I chose some basic daisy poms - a bouquet for just $4.99 - from a local grocery store to place in four jars and placed them in a linear fashion to balance the organic branches of the candelabra.

The flowers were not arranged in any particular way because I wanted them to look natural.

It is about balance.

A few more pictures.

It would have been nice to have candles in place to add a little more height  to the vignette but by the next event in a few weeks I hope to have some.

This was a simple and effective table centerpiece. It tones down the formality of the dining table, adds color and natural elements which are more organic than the obvious wood furniture.

Some light fare - olives, cheese and crackers, strawberries - and wine were added later. It was a fun evening.

I love how this looks! It would be so much fun and easy to add flowers in one or more other colors, coordinate the place settings, glasses or the napkins and so on. Easy decorating of a dining table.

One last thing...once again, the picture from the Goldeneye resort which I love and am using for color inspiration, framed artwork on the dining room wall and the table runner...coordinate.

And yes, the stenciled walls were also a huge hit!

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  1. I love you're branch candelabra but don't you just hate after you order things and they go on sale? Your tablle came out nice simple but elegant. I hope you had fun on your ladies night.


  2. It looks so lovely and inviting in there now Lisa! I love the painting and the branch candelabra!

  3. What a great accessory, Lisa!! So interesting and different. Your dining room is looking so pretty!

  4. I bet you guys had fun! Flowers make things instantly pretty, don't they? Your table turned out nice, Lisa.

  5. That branch is gorgeous, and lends itself to so many different looks! Very pretty! Have a great weekend!

  6. Olá amei o post e a criatividade.

  7. I recall Christopher Lowell {from way way back} used to say, when looking at inspiration colors - squint, so you see just the colors, not the objects. So I squinted on the photo mosaic you posted showing both the inspiration photo and two shots from your DR, and Lisa, you have nailed those colors! I love the colors in the runner and the more informal, fun feel it has, and with or without candles, that branch is a great piece of art. Call me crazy (plenty do) but I could even see the branch suspended from the ceiling with christmas ornaments hanging from it if you wanted to use different candle holders during the holidays. Enjoy your weekend.


  8. Such a pretty table Lisa. The branch candleabra is gorgeous. I think it looks just as pretty without candles as with. It sounds like you had a fun night!

  9. You created such a lovely vignette! And I would've guessed that the West Elm candelabra would've been twice that price ...



    And thank you for leaving such a lovely comment on my guest post at Cassie's/Primitive & Proper blog yesterday ...

  10. Beautiful! That candleabra is a total showstopper!

  11. I LOVE that candelabra. What a statement!

  12. Love it! I have that exact same candelabra from WE only I got the one that hangs on the wall.

  13. I LOVE your candelabra. I bet it will look just amazing once you get hold of the taper candles! But even without them it makes an awesome centre-piece!


  14. Hello, Lisa. Thanks for visiting in my blog. Whenever I come see your posts and admire.
    A hug from Brazil

  15. Love your color inspiration. Those colors are perfect for a summer evening party.

  16. Oh Lisa - I LOVE LOVE LOVE that centrepiece!!! It is so different - I wonder if they would ship to Australia? Reading your blog is becoming expensive for me (I want to buy everything you post!). The stenciled walls look amazing - love the colours. Keep up the great work xx