Thursday, January 19, 2012

A New Home Decor And Furnishings Website

An exciting new members-only private website featuring home decor items and furnishings from around the globe will be launching tomorrow, Friday, January 20th EST. The site will offer items at up to 70% off retail. The first 1000 registrants will receive up to $25 in free store credit.

Check it out at
and also take a look at their Facebook page at

Register now and you might be one of the first 1000 to register and win some store credit! I look forward to seeing more!

In the beginning, this company will only ship to residents in the U.S. but plan to ship internationally in the future. Apologies to my international readers.  
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  1. Thanks for the heads up about this! I love to keep up with online discount stores like that. I'll go check them out!

  2. Ooooh! Checking out if they ship to the UK! (You really shouldn't encourage me Lisa!)

  3. Lisa thanks for the heads up, who couldn't use $25 off in this economy.


  4. Thanks for sharing! I am signing up right now!

  5. Great find! New here (in Westchester too!)

  6. Oooh, how exciting! Super fun finding another place to shop online. Yay! :-)

  7. ohhh...these sites suck me in. I haven't bought any home furnishings from these private sites, but have bought my fair share of clothes/accessories from the Gilt, Hautelook, etc. sites. They are dangerous. Dangerous places. ;)

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