Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Creativity by artful home

There is no limit to creativity as is apparent from these stunning pieces from artful home.

Red Cherries - Art Glass Sculpture - by Donald Carlson
Red Cherries by Donald Carlson

Pencil Sharpener - Beaded Sculpture - by Kathy Wegman and Tom Wegman
Pencil Sharpener by Kathy & Tom Wegman

Transit Chair - Recycled Metal Chair - by Boris Bally
Transit Chair by Boris Bally

All Things Near and Dear - Ceramic Sculpture - by Cathy Broski
All Things Near & Dear by Cathy  Broski

Glass Candleholder: Blue Stripe - Art Glass Candleholder - by Ed Edwards

Water Fountain - Color Photograph - by George Diebold
Water Fountain by George Diebold

Screen - Wood Screen - by David Kiernan
Screen by David Kiernan

Eggplant Classic Tea - Ceramic Teapot & Cups - by Judith Weber
Eggplant Classic Tea by Judith Weber

Blue Patina Bench - Steel Bench - by David Coddaire
Blue Patina Bench by David Coddaire

Forsythia - Giclee Print - by Nancy Herman
"Forsythia" Giclee Print by Nancy Herman

Squarbles - Art Glass Paperweights - by Nicholas Kekic

Linear Collection, III - Giclee Print - by Melissa Leaym-Fernandez
Linear Collection III by Melissa Leaym-Fernandez

Jessie Coffee Table - Concrete, Art Glass & Wood Coffee Table - by Terence S. Dubreuil
Jessie Coffee Table by Terence S. Dubreuil

Poet's Bottle: Hope - Glass Bottle - by Jeff Crandall
Poet's Bottle: Hope by Jeff Crandall

Prosperity Bowl (#8) - Ceramic Bowl - by Cheryl Williams
Prosperity Bowl (#8) by Cheryl Williams

Tall Table Lamp - Glass & Metal Lamp - by David Leppla and Melanie Guernsey-Leppla
Tall Table Lamp by David Leppla & Melanie Guernsey-Leppla

Ocean Laughter - Art Glass Sculpture - by Bernie Huebner and Lucie Boucher
Ocean Laughter by Bernie Huebner & Lucie Boucher

Mother of Pearl Tapestry Vanity Mirror - Mixed-Media Mirror - by Lara Moore
Mother-of-Pearl Tapestry Vanity Mirror by Lara Moore
Tipped Bottle Ensemble - Art Glass Bottles - by David Royce
Tipped Bottle Ensemble by David Royce

Table Luminaire - Ceramic Table Lamp - by Muhammad Moussa
Table Luminaire by Muhammad Moussa

Apple Table - Wood Side Table - by Kino Guerin
Apple Table by Kino Guerin

Do any of these items compel you to be creative today?

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  1. That coffee table is awesome! It would definitely add something to any living room

  2. All of them :) I don't know where to start! I adore the screen and that beautiful turquoise bench!

  3. love those ice cube-ish paper weights - so cool!

  4. That pencil sharpener brings back fond memories of grade school...!

  5. very cool company, with an unbelievably broad and creative offering! Thanks for sharing, I haven't browsed for a while and now will remember to check it out!


  6. That is THE coolest pencil sharpener ever. I want I want.


    (thanks for stopping by my blog :) )

  7. OMG... they are gorgeous!! I wish I could have all of them!!

  8. Love that paperweight, it's awesome!


  9. Very interesting pieces! Thank you for introducing me to artful home. Love those cherries!

    1. Loving the robot chalkboard sticker. I have boys and they would love this! kids wall decals