Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Bootstrap Project

Not too long ago I came across The Bootstrap Project. The goal of this program is to enable local artisans from around the world to maintain their crafts and customs, which are centuries old . This program showcases some unique and interesting pieces.

These artisans are true masters at their craft. The profits of items sold go back to them and their communities to help further education and development in their areas of expertise. In return, buyers get superior quality, authentic artisanal pieces.

The stories of the individual artisans are compelling.
Robiya Qayumova
Meet Robiya Quyumova,  a mother to 4 girls. She has passed on the art of sewing kurpachas and pillows to them and they are now the fifth generation to be a part of this traditional craft!

I was keen to buy Robiya's kurpacha (a colorful sitting mattress), with it's beautiful ikat pattern and coloration. And yes, I saw the blue and green combination (reference to yesterday's post) and had to have it!

A kurpacha is traditionally used in Tajikistan as a chair, on the floor in a pile for guests of honor or individually. Well, I did purchase the kurpacha. I shall share it with you in a different post.

To view other artisans involved in this program, go to The Bootstrap Project

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  1. I haven't see a sitting mattress before and it looks gorgeous! Looking forward to see this beautiful piece in your home.


  2. What a cool site, thanks for sharing. BTW love your blue & green post, it is a fave combo for me, no matter the shades!
    Thanks for stopping by Room Rx and so glad I stopped here!


  3. The sitting mattress is amazing! It seems like the perfect happy marriage between an ottoman and a coffee table. What a cool idea.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm a new subscriber. :)

  4. It is beautiful and what a great organization to support. I will have to check out their website. Thanks for sharing!